If you’re custom building your own luxury home, you’ll want it to have all your ideal elements for entertaining, working and daily tasks to keep your household running.

But what makes a house a home is space to relax. For many people, few things are as relaxing as a hot bath or shower at home after a long day.

The most important step to creating the perfect space for a relaxing soak is choosing the right bathtub. If you’re trying to decide what bathtub belongs in your new home build, here’s a starting place for understanding your options.


Saving Space

The classic space saver design is the 3-wall alcove tub (usually installed as a shower and bathtub combination). This is the most common bathtub design due to its versatility and practicality. These are the go-to for apartments and smaller homes.

But they don’t have to be small if you want something bigger. If you build a bigger alcove in your bathroom, you can install a wider tub. Even within the constraints of three walls, you can also dress up the area with marble or tile on the walls (or even inside the tub itself). This tried and true design provides endless flexibility.


Wear and Tear

If you’re wanting maximum durability, your best bet is likely to be a steel or cast iron tub covered in enamel (often called porcelain). These tubs are solid and hard to scratch or dent.

Although these can be installed as alcove tubs, metal is very conducive to freestanding tubs as well. Freestanding bathtubs are sculpted completely independent of any walls, resting on a platform or base. These can be elegant and minimalist as well as long-lasting. You’ll just need to make sure the tub is somewhere convenient for installing a water and drainage line.


Make a Statement

Sometimes the best way to make a statement is with a little bit of time travel. Clawfoot tubs provide exactly that. These freestanding units rest on sturdy, curved metal feet (or “claws”). Usually, they should be installed with enough space around them to easily climb into. The designs of the claws can range from simple to ornate.

If you really want to maximize your vintage statement, you can track down a copper bathtub. Because they harken back to the past, copper tubs are almost always sold as freestanding or clawfoot models.


Bubble Baths

If you’re really a fan of the sit and soak lifestyle, you might be considering installing a tub with jets and whirlpool functionality. If you’re going to do this, you’ll probably want a corner tub

Corner tubs can be either rectangular or triangular in shape, and they tend to be the largest option on the market. This makes them ideal for installing any extras. Because of the wide range of shapes, often these tubs are formed from of acrylic materials, which are very easy to cast in flexible and lightweight shapes.

Now that you know which bathtub is right for you, it’s time to build your new bathroom around it! WillowTree is ready to build your own luxury home