If you’ve started exploring your options for floor plans as you consider building your dream plan, you might be running across references to “stock,” “custom,” “semi-custom” and “production” homes. All the terminology could obscure the right option for your personal home building needs.

We’re here with the breakdown of what each of these floor plans mean (and why they might be right for you)!


Stock Floor Plans

Stock floor plans are plans that are pre-made and kept in a library where potential home builders can sort through them and choose. Although many online vendors compile and sell these plans, you should be aware that the quality of individual plans from online sellers can’t be guaranteed. You should always consult your building professional about selecting a stock plan.

If you’re partnered with a builder who can help you navigate the process however, stock plans can be a great option for keeping costs low. Because the floor planning work is already done, stock plans are affordable, and they also sidestep the problem of unexpected expenses. Especially if it’s a floor plan that has been built before, you’ll be able to get a more exact upfront number on what your build will cost.


Semi-Custom Floor Plans

Semi-custom or modified stock plans are floor plans where you and your architect and builder take a stock plan as a starting place and then add your own personal modifications. This can be a good halfway point if you want some of the cost and time saving benefits of a stock plan, but you also have a few specific needs that have to be met.

As is always the case when using stock plans, you’ll want to be sure you know who you’re getting the plan from, especially because making modifications often requires getting a copyright release. 

Most stock plans are more customizable than you might think, allowing you to get the general idea in place and then refine. This is helpful also if you have your sights set on a very particular lot of land that might call for some unique planning.


Production Floor Plans

Production homes are new construction homes that are built and sold in a package with their lot. This usually happens as part of a wider housing development that is underway. The builder will be working from a range of stock plan options, so you still have freedom to choose your house’s features and layout with this model.

Because so much of the work is done in advance, this is often going to be the cheapest new construction home option. Due to the fact that usually production home are being built as part of a development, that could also mean extra savings since the builder is buying in bulk. 


Custom Homes

Fully custom homes allow you absolute control over the ultimate outcome of your build, working closely with a design professional. This level of flexibility is more expensive than your other options, and also more time-consuming; be prepared for delays along the way. However, the ultimate reward pays off as the final product is completely your own.

Now that you know the options that are available to you, it’s time to consult with some pros on turning the right floor plan into the right home. Find out how we can make your house happen