One of the most daunting parts about the prospect of building a new home is likely to be the paperwork. What can you build where? How do you ensure that you have permission? How can you prove to potential buyers later than the home you had custom built was legitimate?

The answer to a lot of these questions will lie in the process of getting a building permit. Building permits provide legal permission for your structure, ensure the safety of your new living space and keep everybody on the same page throughout construction. They might seem like a bit of a sidetrack on your to do list at first, but in the end they’ll make your home both more valuable and better to live in. Here are a few reasons why applying for a permit doesn’t have to intimidate you!


Permits Put Safety First

The core purpose of building permits is ensuring the safety of yourself, your contractors and your neighbors. Permits set the expectations for how something will conform to building codes, which includes requiring electrical wiring and plumbing work being laid so that you’re not risking fires or floods. 

The process of negotiating a permit will also establish any guidelines for working around easements. An easement is a legal restriction applying to how you build around a city service fixture, like a gas line or a sidewalk. [] You should assess what easements might pertain to a lot when you’re buying it, but if you have a lot with easements attached, the permitting process will help establish how to work with them safely and legally.


Your Builder Can Apply On Your Behalf

When you’re partnering with WillowTree to build your own custom home, we can pull the permit for you. This is the ideal scenario for you, since whoever negotiates the permit will be the one ensuring that the build stays up to code

In addition to this arrangement taking the pressure off you to keep things up to code, the process is likely to go faster when the city administration you’re working with recognizes the company you’re working with as a credible, dependable business. With history through the Southlake, Colleyville, Keller and Westlake areas, WillowTree knows the ropes.


The Permit Increases Your Home’s Value

If you ever do decide to sell your one-of-a-kind custom home, you will likely have more prospective buyers if you can confirm beyond a doubt that the house has been built up to local building code standards. Inspections to ensure code compliance is a part of permitting, and if that has been done throughout the building process, prospective buyers will know they can trust your structure’s quality.

Because of this, it’s a good plan to keep copies of your building permit, final approvals and any inspection-related documents on file. This provides you a point of reference in case you ever need it down the road, as well as making it easy to prove to others that everything is up to standard.

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