When you’re working with your custom home building professionals to create a floor plan that’s right for you, in all likelihood you’ll be considering a multi-level home.

Laying out your home in several floors adds stately height from the outside while providing a natural separation between living, sleeping, entertaining and working spaces.

If you plan out your home on multiple levels, you’ll need a way to get from one to the other. That’s where a staircase comes in.

While you might think that this fixture is all function, the reality is that the form of your stairway can make a big impact on the personality of your space!


A Grand Entrance

If you’re considering a large entryway or foyer in your house, you might want to consider a statement staircase to match. One such statement is an arched staircase, a flight of stairs that gently curves up in a semi-circle shape. These are usually placed in the entryway both for space and because of the elegant atmosphere they create.

Another option for really spacious floor plans is the bifurcated staircase. One large set of steps splits into two smaller flights, creating a look similar to a fairytale. You’ll see these most often in historic houses, and if you want to harken back to vintage class, this might be right for you.


A Straight Shot

Sometimes simplicity and functionality are the highest priority. When that is the case, a simple straight staircase is easy to climb up and down and relatively space efficient. These can be enclosed or partially enclosed, offering versatility. They are also affordable to install.

If the distance your stairs need to cover is fairly long however, a straight stair might end up becoming cumbersome to account for. Adding a landing and a partial or full U-turn can keep the flight still easy to climb, but makes it more space efficient. You might have noticed that this is the default stair configuration for tall and compact buildings like hotels and office structures. Many variations on this design exist, with stairs turning either 90 or 180 degrees at the landing.


A Winding Way

If you have very limited space and need to reach a loft or a finished attic, a spiral staircase might suit your needs. Usually made from sturdy metal and primarily supported by a center pole, this design is classic and simple.

Winder stairs are a best of both worlds scenario that combines u-shaped stairs with a curve, the middle steps being wider on one side than the other in order to turn around without using space on a landing.

Because stairs are such a significant installation, you’ll want to make sure they’re accounted for in your designs from the very beginning. If you need help choosing the right option for you, contact us