When you’re preparing to undertake something as massive as a remodel of your home, it can be hard to know where to start.

Sometimes, something as simple as the right website or app to take you out of Pinterest and into more focused brainstorming can make a world of different in moving from paralysis into practical planning.

Here are a few tools for getting your creative juices moving!


Make it Colorful

One of the most enjoyable parts of planning a remodel is mapping out the color scheme.

Whether you’re going for a chic modern black and white vibe or adding pops of color, the options for paint color are nearly endless. Fortunately, paint experts at Sherwin Williams have provided a tool for experimenting with those combinations.

The Color Snap visualizer, available for use either on the web or through their app, allows you to experience the wide range of available paint colors. From uploading an image and using a color picker to match it to a paint type to searching by color collections, it’s easy to narrow down your favorite shades.

With the app and rapidly developing augmented reality technology, you can even apply a preview of paint colors to your own walls in real time.


Calculate It

In addition to aesthetic inspirations, brainstorming has a practical element too. If you’re working on a building or remodeling project, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into in advance.

The Remodeling Calculator allows you to enter the details of a project you’re considering in order to develop a ballpark figure for what kind of budget you should anticipate. You can calculate room by room or feature by feature if you prefer to hone in on the most accurate estimate.

Given that about half of all remodels go over budget, this tool is a great starting place for making sure you come in on target.


Flip Through Photos

If you’re a visual processor, one of the most helpful tools is likely to be centered around flipping through photos. If finding quality photos has been a challenge for you, HGTV has a tool for you.

You can search for photo inspiration by room, by style or even by what you might have seen on HGTV’s popular TV shows.


Find Your Style

There are a few really broad categorizations for interior decorating style, but if you’re not on the inside of that world, you might not know what the terms mean– or where your own style falls amid all the jargon.

Better Homes & Gardens offers a quiz to help you define your own style. In addition to the quiz itself, they provide resources custom tailored to your preferences.


Get Ready to Grow

The final touches of planning any home build or remodel is thinking about the landscape. The USDA Hardiness Zone Finder allows you to narrow down what kinds of plants you can even hope to grow in your area.

You can use your zip code to find the hardiness of your area and take that information to their extensive plant database.


If you’re ready to move from brainstorming and take the plunge to making these ideas a reality, find out what building and remodeling services WillowTree has to offer!